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Officers - 2023

Roger Scott


Board Member

Wing Nut since 2011

A/C Mgr. – N964SG ,N143TU, N759HD

Jeff Elgin

Vice President

Board Member

Flyout coordinator

Paul Kachurak


Board Member

Joe Zable

Asst. Treasurer

 Jean Canfield



Retired Latin teacher

Wing Nut since 2013

Michael Sweeney


Wing Nut Since - 2008

Chris Price

Board Member

A/C Mgr. – N230WA

Steve Slight

Board Member

Social Committee Chair

Retired US Navy

Wing Nut since 2015 

PPL 2015, IFR 2021

Peter Braswell - CFII

Chief Flight Instructor

Matthew Roy

Chief Safety Officer

Matthew is an IFR rated private pilot who enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, and crosswinds. During his day job Matthew is a mechanical engineer running R&D programs. 

 Sean Francis

Board Member

PPL 2016

Sean loves camping, playing indoor soccer and making memories with his family.  He spends most of his days running an IT Support company, but would rather be flying!