Regular Member 

(Full Share)

Assumes a fractional ownership based on the number of regular members we have and has access to all three club airplanes.

Student Member

(Class A) 

Has no ownership, but has access to the club's student pilot training airplane (N143TU) for one year at a time.

 Social Member 

Has no ownership, but can attend all club social functions.

The Wingnuts Flying Club offers three membership options.  Please review the club bylaws for detailed information about each option.

Please contact us (email) for additional information - or better yet - attend a general membership meeting held at 7PM on the first Tuesday of each month in the terminal building's second floor conference room of the Richmond Executive Chesterfield County Airport. (Directions)

hybrid meetings are being held online via Zoom and in-person.

Regular Member 

Costs & Fees
Effective 8/23

One Time Fee:

Membership Share:                 $1,500.00

Initiation Fee:                            $    150.00


Monthly Dues:                           $   140.00

Special Maintenance               $   190.00
  (11/23-10/24 only)

Capital Improvement:            $       4.00

Aircraft Replacement Fund  $     30.00

Aircraft Loan                              $      40.00

Total Monthly Fees:               $   404.00

Student Member (Class A)

Costs & Fees

Membership:                         $500.00/year

Initiation Fee:                                              $0

Monthly Dues:                                  $140.00

Capital Improvement:                       $4.00

Aircraft Loan Payment:                          $0

Total Monthly Dues:                     $144.00

Social Member 

Costs & Fees

Membership:           $25.00 per year

Note: Monthly service charge is 2% on balances more than 30 days past due.  See bylaws for policy regarding delinquent accounts.